can anyone remove piano from these song?

I tried everything, but nothing work. Can anyone help me. I rly want to remove piano from Big Thanks

Google complains it can’t scan the file for viruses.

Anyway, the answer is no. Audacity can’t split a song apart into individual musical instruments.


Would you have an idea of which software might be able to “split a song apart into individual musical instruments”?

I’d guess that most professionals take a reverse engineering approach, in which they identify the chords played by certain instruments and copy these so as to recreate the parts played by certain instruments? Sadly this would still not allow one to remove a certain instrument from a song, other than by recreating the whole song in itself… anyone got a shorter, more rational approach? :confused: :confused:

If they own the rights to the original recording, they probably also own the original multi-track recordings, so then they can just mute the channels (the instruments or vocals) that they don’t want. Alternatively, they may re-record the whole thing with the arrangement that they want.

Another approach that can work with electronic music (synthesizers and samplers) is that the music may have been composed with a MIDI sequencer, in which case they can mute unwanted MIDI channels, or patch them to other sounds.

If you have a spare $700 and lots of time for note by note editing, Celemony Melodyne.

Some more affordable plug-ins are listed here, but are unlikely to do much better (if at all) than Audacity’s “Vocal Reduction” effect: