Can anyone make impulses?

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Windows. I made some impulses in Voxega but none of them work. Can anyone who’s made some working ones please code mine from my samples?

Postings never last this long if there is a useful response.
So I’m going with no. Most of the forum elves have all we can do to keep up with the questions on the forum. Most of the posters are only interested in getting their audiobook published.

Voxengo have some free ones …
Their convolution reverb plugin, which uses the impulses, has a spoiler every 25 seconds ,
unless you buy it, [ ~$100 :open_mouth: ].

Apparently convolution is possible [for free] using code in Audacity’s “Nyquist Prompt”,
see …

I’m hoping to make impulses of my own soundgear.

I agree with you, Koz. I’ve found wannabe musos to be the last word in selfish.

Voxengo offer software to do that …
Apparently the free demo copy is “limited to 3 deconvolution operations per program’s session” ,
[ I’ve never used it myself ].

Thanks but that’s the software I tried.

Now fixed it. The software was making the impulses too quiet. I boosted them in Audacity.