Can anyone help with a sound/room check?

So, booked/recorded my first VO. But the producer booked a studio - now I’m trying to figure out if I can use my home space to - what? Maybe at least create some samples? Wondering if anyone would give a listen (I didn’t focus much on the read, just trying to get a recording in the space as a reference).

It’s a small closet with 1" acoustic panels on the walls, covered by moving blankets. MIC is a Fifine T669, into a macbook air/garage band.

Next stop will be MIC upgrade and an interface - for now, seeing if this acoustic space is workable. So appreciate any feedback.


stereo-reverb has been added, so not possible to judge how well treated your room is.
Also a noise-gate has been used, (which is incorrectly set),

Only a raw recording without any processing will reveal how well treated your room is.

OK, awesome - in garage band there’s a box called noise gate so I can unclick that. The reverb I don’t know what that is from. There is a preset that I use called vocal narrative or something that adds some kind of effects? Maybe that’s what it’s from - and I can not add that, thx.

I don’t think it sounds bad…

The reverb doesn’t sound (to me) like it came from the closet acoustics.

You can record with Audacity and it doesn’t apply any effects during recording. You an optionally apply effects later.

Assuming no “glitches” or effects, your choice of recoding software doesn’t affect quality.

A noise gate is probably OK as long as it’s not noticeable. Sometimes you can hear it kicking in-and-out and it can be distracting.

And strangely… ACX (audiobooks) will reject you if the background is too quiet (or if the background noise is too high). They don’t actually publish the minimum noise but “digital dead silence” (which can be accomplished with a noise gate) will get you rejected.

They do publish the noise maximum (-60dB) and that’s hard to meet with a home studio (without noise reduction of some kind).

Thanks again, posted a new recording.

Great, appreciate the feedback. Just posted a new, ‘raw’ recording on the original post.

Not the best idea to go back and edit old posts. That’s a good way to lose the progression of the conversation.


Thanks for the tip, where’s the best place to put the new link?

Reply to this post and put it there.

Thank you.

I think we could tell you a lot more useful info if the track wasn’t Private and Locked.

Pick a script that’s not super-duper copyrighted and post a WAV on the forum.

You might try this one.

Pretend you’re trying to sell us milk.

Don’t leave out the room tone at the beginning.


Interesting, it worked before - okay, no worries I set it to public. This should work:

Oh, I can play it. I just don’t have a sound file to analyze. I think you have fan or motor noise in there, but I’ll tell you a lot more after you post an actual sound file on the forum.

That heavy horizontal bar with the vertical arrow in the forum message panel is the File Upload tool.


Ah - meaning I didn’t actually upload a file. I uploaded to soundcloud, which allowed you to hear it - but not analyze the actual file?

Or something like that that… k, here’s an mp3, thanks - hope this works.

The notches are caused by (destructive) resonance in your booth
They are responsible for the boxy sound.

thanks for the feedback.

Excellent. Now try it again without the deep-echo effects and killer noise reduction.

Just Plain Voice Recording.

Without the Ordinary Recording, we can’t tell what’s the booth and what’s your basket of effects.

Oh, and don’t send MP3. MP3 creates distortions of its own. Never do production in MP3. Use perfect quality WAV.


Thanks for the guidance - I’m a neophyte. I open Garageband - here’s the 3 screens that come up, here’s what I click on - or don’t.

Ah, so re Wav… garage band saved the wav file and its was 6.7 MB. Audacity said it wouldn’t accept a file larger than 4MB… so I tried MP3, which saved at 1.3MB. Is there a diff way I can save/upload a wav? Thanks thanks

I don’t speak Garage Band. Is there an Audacity program in here somewhere?

How long is the file? A 15 second stereo WAV (44100, 16-bit) comes in at 2.6MB. A mono version (one blue wave) is half that.