Can Ambient Echo from Source be Removed?

I am recording some music originally recorded in a “live” hall and there is an echo occurring just after the note is played. Its effect is to slightly lengthen the note and add a brief “cavernous” effect. Can this be modified with Audacity? I have read the manual and found no help. I saw the post and response (using a Mac) and it appears nothing can be done. I an using the immediate past version of Audacity. As always, help will be appreciated.

I tried to install the new version but multiple attempts failed. Decided to use my current version rather than risk a disaster

Work on a copy of your music, not on the original files(s).

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Even expensive, hard to use AI software will have trouble with this. Echoes are your voice or instrument bouncing off walls or ceiling and arriving at the microphone multiple times. You are, in effect, asking the software to remove the voice or instrument from itself.

Post back if you fine a solution.


The right amount of reverberation makes music sound better but usually what sounds good live sounds “wrong” coming from a pair of speakers in a smaller room or from headphones.

With live recordings you get better results with the microphones close to the stage for more direct sound and less reflected sound. And it’s easy to add artificial reverb later.

You can search for a 3rd-party “deverb” or “de-verb” effect. I don’t know how well they work… It not an easy thing to do. And some commercial plug-ins don’t work with Audacity at all.

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