Camtasia wav file

When trying to open a Camtasia wav file, I get this message:
“Audacity recognized the type of the file ‘C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy Documents . . .’
Importers supposedly supporting such files are:
WAV, AIFF, and other uncompressed types, FFmpeg-compatible files,
but none of them understood this type of format.”

When trying to import a Camtasia wav file, the above message is preceded by a " FFmpeg not found". I installed the library, but this message persists. It is nonetheless unclear to me if an FFmpeg library has bearing on a problem associated with a wav file.

Any suggestions regarding how to fix this would be appreciated. I can import WAV files made with the Windows “Sound Recorder” just fine.

Camtasia produces embedded video files – or at least ours does. What software did you use to split off the sound? Audacity won’t open video files.


I presume that you are using Audacity 1.3.12 - if not, you need to upgrade.

Go to “Edit menu > Preferences > Libraries”
If FFmpeg is installed correctly it will tell you the version number
For example: “FFmpeg library version: F(52.36.0),C(52.32.0),U(50.3.0)”

What does yours say?