Campaign: wxWidgets for Android

Hello everybody,

this posting is related to Audacity only indirectly but I hope it is interesting for somebody because it is related to wxWidgets, the toolkit Audacity bases on:

There have been several discussions regarding the wxWidgets/Android-problem which all ended up with two conclusions:

  • wxWidgets on Android defintely would be a good idea and something that is highly welcome
  • there are not enough resources/people available that would do the job

So its a bit like a chicken-and-egg-problem: it would be used, supported and further developed when it would exist. So to push that a bit and to bring all resources together we started this campaign (with Julian’s kind permission).

Central point is the advertised bidding at

There you can

a) place a bid to support payment of the development
b) accept the project, realise it and therefore earn the money wxWidgets users are willing to pay for it
c) spread the word, tell other people about it and therefore find more interested persons for a) or b)

Here every contribution is highly welcome, independent how small it seems to be!

The whole process is described at When somebody bids for the project the money is not lost: in case nobody accepts the challenge to port wxWidgets to Android nothing has to be paid.

Kind regards


Thanks. Jim. I corrected one of the Cofundos links and removed the non-relevant links.

We get asked every day if there is or will be an Audacity for mobile operating systems (of which Android is of course just one).

Even if Widgets supported some mobile OS’es there would be a lot of work for Audacity to do to fit the interface on small screens and to some extent on making it leaner and faster (the latter are not trivial changes).


OK, thanks!

We’re in a similar situation. More than this: we already started with an experimental port of our software to (Java on) Android. But then found that it is much easier to support a native wxWidgets implementation. Then questions about limited space and small screens exist but there are much less efforts than with a complete porting including language and OS calls.

And there must be much more companies that earn lot of money with their wxWidgets software and could be interested in Android too…