CAD U37 zero latency monitoring?

Hi guys, I bought my u37 awhile ago and is looking to do some zero latency monitoring on it. I’m recording vocals and would like to listen to it through my headphone.

As for the program itself, I normally will use either audacity or adobe audition cc.

I understand that it might be a little troublesome with it being a USB microphone, but I didn’t do enough research before purchasing haha. Just want to know what are the ways available for me to do zero latency monitoring on these softwares. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

The mic appears to have no headphones port so in that case you made the wrong choice. You really wanted a mic with XLR connection into a USB interface with XLR input that has a headphones port. Why is there a delay or echo when listening to what I am recording?


You may be able to minimize latency by minimizing your buffers and tweaking your system to work with minimal buffering. There is an input/recording buffer and a playback/monitoring buffer and these add together for round-trip latency. (I’m not an expert in optimizing your system for low latency, but you can research it.)

Higher-end hardware & software usually supports low-latency ASIO drivers, but I agree with Gale that it’s better to avoid the problem altogether byNOT monitoring through the computer. You can try ASIO4ALL which partially replaces the Windows drivers and should work with your microphone. Audacity (as distributed) doesn’t support ASIO, but I believe Audition does.

In addition to USB interfaces with zero-latency monitoring, there are also USB mics with zero-latency direct-hardware monitoring such as the Blue Yeti. An analog mic with a USB interface is more flexible whereas a USB mic is more convenient and (usually less expensive).

Man, really should have done more research before purchasing HAHA. But thanks a lot guys. Really learned a lot from the replies. Definitely will be more careful in the future. In the mean time I guess I will have to settle with ASIO4ALL until I get another more suitable mic! :laughing: