Cabinet IR WAV file editing in Audacity

Hoping I have put this in the right place?

I’m looking at making some alterations to some well produced bass cabinet IR WAV files. Mostly for the application of using the files in an IR loader for live music (sending to front of house). I apologise in advance for my ignorance of how cab IR files are created and also my knowledge of Audacity!!

The first thing I’d like to do is level out some of the output volumes of different IR files I’m using. I have 4 or 5 different files I like to use to emulate different types of cabinets (ie. 215, 810, 212 cabs). My IR loader lets me use up to 10 different files, all selectable with a dial on the IR loader. The only problem I have is some of the files have a significant jump in volume from the others. Is it simply as easy as loading the file into Audacity, increasing or reducing the output to match the other files and resaving the file in said state? When I use the newly created file in my IR loader will this have the desired effect on output volume?

The second thing I would like to do is create my own Audacity simple HP/LPF WAV file that I could use in an IR loader. It would be used for live bass guitar through FOH. I’m thinking at a guess a HPF set around 30hz and LPF set at around 4-5khz with roll off of something like 12db per octave. My IR loader accepts WAV files of the 48k/24 bit variety which I’m sure Audacity will do. I think the file only needs to be 200-500ms long. Is this kind of thing possible - and if so is there a link to a guide somewhere? I have no idea what to search for?

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bass cabinet IR WAV

Do you have a link to the product/instrument you’re using?


Try the documentation for your “IR loader”.

Hey man - this is the IR loader I’m using;

With my virtual (not hardware) cabinet simulator, reducing the amplitude of the IR WAV file does not reduce the volume of the output, (it’s as if the IR loaded is being normalized).

I noticed this free Windows app … GitHub - ValdemarOrn/IRWorkshop: IR Workshop - Windows application to create, mix and edit convolution impulse responses , (not used it myself).

Changing the amplitude of the IR will probably change the output level, though as Trebor suggested, the IR may be normalized by the effect in which case changing the amplitude of the IR file will make no difference.

Two IR files with the same peak amplitude may still produce different output levels.

As you (jcburn) are the only person here that has a CabZone X, and none of us know precisely what it does internally, I think you will just need to experiment.