Bypassing a Digitech RP?

For several years I´ver been recording using an old RP150 as a sort of … sound card. (I´m using Windows 7.) That works just fine as long as I plug mics etc into the RP, then using one of the presets, and a USB to the computer.
But if I want to bypass the presets, nothing happens – no reaction from Audacity. I hear myself in the headphones just fine. This is annoying since I like to introduce other pedals to create sounds outside the RP palette. (You bypass the presets on the RP through pressing both its pedals at the same time.)

I´m afraid I don´t understand a single thing of why this is so, I´ve searched the “help” section – and I´m also a hopeless technophobe who probably shouldn´t be doing these things at all, but instead use my old cassette player from the 70´s. Still …
Cheers /Martin

That’s probably a limitation of the RP150.

Rather than using bypass, can you create a custom preset that does nothing (just sends the signal with a “null effect”)?

Thanks Steve, and I fear the worst. What you describe is what I´ve been trying to do, but not to any complete success. But perhaps I will have to trudge along and try and find something absolutely neutral. Everything at 12 o´clock ain´t working, nor everything turned down all the way – colours the sound. No biggie but a bit irritating.
Cheers /Martin

So I don’t have an RP150, nor have I ever used one. However, I was scanning the manual online and found this:

Effects Level Knob
In Performance mode, this knob changes the relative level of the post-amp effects (Chorus/FX,
Delay, and Reverb). This can be thought of as an effects mix control, where turning this knob
clockwise increases the level of these effects and turning it counter-clockwise decreases the level
of these effects.

This might be worth double-checking, even though as you said

everything turned down all the way – colours the sound.

I hope this helps. :smiley: