Hey guys new member… I have a djm 600 and CDJ 800 set up. When I connect a mixer to my laptop, I get a buzzing sound. I have replaced the cable twice. I am using VIsta. Any help is appreciated!


I bet the buzzing goes way down if you run the laptop on batteries. Does it?

The vast majority of Windows laptops don’t have a “Line-In” connection and that’s what the mixer is asking for. Most Windows laptops have Mic-In which is expecting a signal about a thousand times smaller than you’re giving it. The laptop is amplifying every little unbalance and shield leakage and electrical problem in the system.

You may not have picked up on it yet, but the show – if you managed to get it to work at all – is in mono, not stereo.

So. Some laptops have the ability to switch their audio input between very tiny mono microphone and stereo line level. Some laptops have both connections on the side, and you may have picked the wrong one.

If you just flat out don’t have the right connection to the laptop, then you’re stuck with one of the many fine USB audio adapters out there, or make friends with a Mac owner. All Macs except the Air will connect right to your mixer, launch Audacity, and go.

If you did everything absolutely perfectly and it still doesn’t work, try disconnecting pieces of the system and listen. My audio systems at home will go completely nuts if I connect the FM tuner to the computer to capture a show. Noise and buzz city. Only the tuner does this.

Sometimes it matters which wall outlet things are plugged in.


Thanks so much for your response. When on batteries the buzzing is way less. I guess I will have to try a USB connector.