buzzing sound

I was recording fine without any problems with audacity. Two days ago, however, I started hearing buzzing, humming noises every time I played back a track after recording. I found out what the problem is (as i turned the microphone off and recorded simply with my webcam with audacity closed-that sound was there, too!): the recording picks up the buzzing from the inside of my laptop, in actual fact as I shake my laptop while recording, the sound becomes louder accordingly. I tried putting the laptop on my bed to see if it was due to the table shaking but no luck…So, here is the problem but I don’t have a solution. Does anybody have a tip please? thank you

By the way, there is no buzzing sound when my laptop is on, it only happens when recording?

Please see the pink panel above. What version of Windows? What version of Audacity?

What microphone exactly are you trying to record from that did not have noise before? Have you turned on a boost setting for it by accident?

Laptops are noisy. Many users buy a small USB interface to get around that problem.

Have you applied a Windows Update that affected the sound card drivers? If so you could roll back to the previous drivers. See .