buzzing during voice recording

I received audio files that seem to have a buzzing during the speech throughout the entire file. It is not a background buzzing, more like a vibration during the voice itself. I have included a short clip as an example. I have already run noise reduction to general background noise, but it doesn’t seem to have corrected the vocal buzzing. Can anyone suggest edits that I can make to reduce the buzzing sound throughout the entire recording?
I am using Audacity 2.4.2 for Windows 10. I don’t know what equipment was used to record, but it was likely recorded using the mic on the computer, or maybe over a wireless headset (though I doubt that based on the background sounds).

I don’t think it’s one problem. I think the voice was very highly processed during the presentation. It’s compressed (talking into a milk jug), It’s peak limited (which may be the buzzing you hear), and has general overall distortion. If you already did noise reduction on that clip, then it was noisy, too.

There’s no recovering from that. It’s the curse of advanced sound systems that once they mess something up, it stays messed.

I received audio files

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