Burning to disc

Hi. I have a mix i am trying to burn to cd. It keeps saying failed to open database file and will not open. It seemed to burn to cd but keep getting this message when trying to open.

What software are you using? Audacity doesn’t burn CDs.

What format are your audio files? Did you export to WAV?

If you want an audio CD, make sure to configure your software for that. You can burn “computer files” like WAV or MP3 to a disc but a regular CD player (usually) won’t play it.

…Audio CDs use the same underlying format as 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo, WAV files but without the WAV “package”.

Hi. Was just using windows media player. Yes. Wav format. Didn’t realise I couldn’t burn to cd. I managed it many years ago with audacity. Recorded from my decks to my computer then burned to disc. That was a long time ago.
I’m still very new to it as only downloaded it again a few months ago.
How can I export my files to say my iPhone or I tunes so I can listen to them when I’m mobile.

Hi. Sorry it’s a aup 3 file

Windows Media Player CAN burn CDs. Some information here.

Does that mean “gapless” or crossfaded like a “mix tape”? …Some different burning software can make that “easier”. There’s a way to burn a CD from one-big WAV file and then add the track markers wherever you want.

You can export-as MP3 or AAC (AAC = MP4 = M4A). The files are smaller than WAV and tagging/metadata is better-supported on all of the other popular formats than with WAV. Or FLAC is lossless compression for a file about half the size of WAV, and again better metadata support.

These “computer formats” (and related software players) don’t support track markers or chapters, so each song should (probably) be a separate track. (If you buy an MP3 album from Amazon you get separate files.)

You can label each song and then Export Multiple or you can select/highlight one song at a time and then export Current Selection, one song at a time.

If you make separate MP3s, etc., Audacity can tag the files, but it can’t embed album artwork. I use Mp3Tag for the metadata and to add the artwork, or if i just need to add or edit some of the information. You can select all of the tracks in a folder to add the common information (album name, genre, usually the artist if there’s only one, and the year if there’s only one) and then select one file at a time to enter the track number, song title, or other information. (Mp3Tag works on other formats too, not just MP3.)

You may have to use iTunes or some Apple application to move your files to your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone but I think Apple is “protective” about loading “random files”.

Hi. That’s way over my head I’m afraid. The mix is seamless and about 80 mins long. So it’s continuous So I need to change to a wav file to burn it

For me, the reliable format for burning is wav, for that CDBurnerXP is recommended, having more burn speed choices, and working (with WMP lists) on W10.

You need to export to WAV. (File → Export instead of File → Save.) AUP files can ONLY be opened in Audacity. Plus, the AUP file is probably too big to fit on a CD.

One big WAV is best if it’s continuous (but about 80 minutes is about the limit for an audio CD).

You can use a Cue Sheet to set the track markers.

The Cue Sheet needs the file name (probably the complete path), the TRACK number, and INDEX 01 time for the start of each track. Most of the other information is optional. Note that that last number in the time is NOT hundredth’s of a second. It’s “frames” and there are 75 frames per second, so 1/10th of a second is 7 or 8 frames.

I start with a known good cue sheet and edit it with Windows Notepad.

I don’t know if all burning applications support cue sheets. I use ImgBurn.

You load the CUE file into ImgBurn instead of the actual audio files. Instructions here.

It seems complicated but once you’ve got a known-good cue sheet it’s pretty easy. Usually if there’s an error it will warn you, and the main thing is to get the times right.

It’s the only way I burn CDs whether I’ve got one-big WAV or a WAV for each file.

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