Burning narrative to CD with separate audio tracks

I recorded a long narrative, breaking it into segments on separate tracks.
When I burn it to CD, it comes out as one track.
How do I create multiple tracks?

That’s up to your burning application but usually separate files make separate tracks. An audio CD can have up to 99 tracks.

But you can control EVERYTHING if you use a Cue Sheet. I’m not sure if all burning applications support cue sheets. I use ImgBurn.

I start with a known-good cue sheet and edit it with Windows Notepad. (It has to be a basic text file… Not a word processor format so however you do that on a Mac.)

Thank you so much! I made separate files for each segment, and now I’m experimenting with how to create the playlist for a CD that will play on a CD player. This is old school, but I still like CDs!

The tradition problem with Audio CDs was they don’t carry song titles. If you play one in your million year old car, the tracks show as Track 1, Track 2, Track 3. If you do have a player that “knows the songs,” it’s because it went on-line and looked them up.

It can get it wrong.

This is also where the oddball sample frequency came from. 44100. That’s the lowest they could use to smash perfect-sounding music into limited space.

If you do have a CD with titles on it, it’s not an old-style standard CD.


Oop. More. If you make a CD that’s perfect in every way except it won’t play in your car, chances are terrific you made a Data CD and not an Audio CD. It’s a flat, shiny hard drive. Sometimes you have to actively tell the burner software which you want.

The dye layers on a home CD are the same as color photographs. Don’t leave one out in the sun.

Be careful how you label the disk. The music plays by shining a laser through that thick, clear, shiny layer, but the actual music is right under the label side of the disk. One scratchy pen and that’s the end of the show.

Don’t automatically go for a screaming fast burn. Most times a lower speed will produce more reliable burns. I have a ratty player that will only play perfect CDs. That’s my quality control before I send a CD to anybody.


The generic TextEdit program. Set it for “Plain Text”, not “Rich Text.” I wrote my web site in Plain Text TextEdit.


Screen Shot 2023-10-21 at 8.12.26 PM


Audio CDs play from the middle out. Being obsessive, I label disks around the outer edge.


I can’t find the artwork for this.

I make up an optical cleaning solution with one drop of Dawn dishwashing detergent to 16 oz of distilled water. Use a Microfiber Cloth and clean from the middle out, not round and round. This works on DVDs too.

This is an early version…


Once you’ve created one file for each track, drag the files into iTunes. Make a playlist in iTunes of the files you want to play, in the order you want to play them. Then burn a CD from the playlist.

Thanks. Yes. I used to have no trouble with ITunes. However, my new Macbook Air doesn’t support ITunes, only Apple Music. Bummer. Apple’s program is not user-friendly. I had a chat with a rep and he was no help at all. It seems that when you upgrade, you lose much of what previously worked just fine. Again, bummer.

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