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I have not operated the forum system for some time, so I hope that I will be given a tad of forbearance. I have an XP computer. I presume that in this case the following knowledge may also be of some help. I have Lame 3.99.5 installed. I have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.SP1, together with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, and SoundMax installed. By now, even these admissions will probably have shown up my ignorance in the advances of the electronic field. Approximately 10, or more years ago, I burnt a larger part of my collection of vinyl to CD utilizing the old musicMatch Jukebox, whereby it was a line from the record player to the PC, and using the option “Line In.” About 5 years ago, I completed the residual burning of my vinyl collection to CD. Rather unfortuitously, I have forgotten what product I used. A friend of mine has asked me to burn some of their vinyl records to CD, now, and I find that when I open Audacity, the technical jargon is so far advanced beyond my once meager knowledge, that I have virtually no idea where to start. In other product cases, I have been told that even though the burner product states that they can do this, it won’t, when I ask for that function, or, I get perhaps a response that the product could find no recorder. I find that there is no lack of recording products which will move the song/number from my record player to my PC. Yet, I have checked throughout the electronic products that are available, and can find none that appear to wish to be compatible, viable, and/or more so, pliable. The sites to which I have gone, have always listed Audacity as one of the best in this area of of software, but I must confess that I’m lost in the almost eclectic variations of options within your product. If there is someone out there who can just instruct me on the connections from the Record Player to my PC, or even better directly to Audacity, or from my PC, once recorded there, then to Audacity, it would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

There is a set of tutorials about this: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tutorial_-_Copying_tapes,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD
If you get stuck, describe where you have got up to and what you are stuck with and we’ll do our best to help you get unstuck.

Let me first just say thank you for your response. First of all, let me say
that I have arrived at the stage of having recorded from my “Record Player,”
{Another terminology that I never saw within the Tutorials.}to both, or
either Windows Media Player, and/or Real Player. I won’t go into the
Tutorials any further, as firstly, I either could not find the “tool, or
preference” stated there within, or did not understand its “denomination.”
If I clicked on any of the “Devices”, as shown in “Preferences,” then all it
did was remove the arrow allocated to that particular device. It appeared to
be an endless returning to you rather voluminous list of details of
explanations of parts, and even then I was confronted by more
“denominations”, which were also just as indecipherable to me. For instance,
I don’t believe I need the free “line in,” at this stage, however, I
downloaded it in a Zip file, {For which I have never had the highest
regards.}and found that there was absolutely no “Extract” option. I kept
opening it up, and finally gave up, as it gave me a list of options, of
which I have no knowledge of any of them.

Let’s just say that I have an output going from my Record Player to what I
shall call, the ‘blue’ input in my PC. as I have no idea of its real name.
By use of a ‘Recorder’, specifically downloaded at the early stages of this
situation, I was able to record 9 numbers off various LP Vinyl records to a
location of my choice which happened to be “My Music.” The next stage was to
burn them from that location to the blank CD. I actually tried CDBurnerXP as
nominated in your tutorials, and it came back with a response of “Cannot
continue with the burning process, because no burning device was detected.
Install a burning device, and restart CDBurnerXP to burn a Disc.” This, to
me, is like saying ,"yes, the “ocean,” has the “sea” in it, figuratively,
and practically, but where is the “water!” Another so-called free burner
actually made the statement that it could not help me, because it could not
locate a recorder in my system, and lo, and behold, there it was on my

If I go into Windows Media, and click on “Burn,”, I am told, “Connect a
burner, and restart the player!” One wonders why the word “Burn” was ever
written into the Windows Media Player’s Toolbar at the top, at all, if this
procedure was not inbuilt? Also, if that is not the case, which burner do
they suggest as being compatible with their product? In both these cases, it
did not matter whether I chose a CD Audio, or Data.

From what I stated, in my first ‘thread’ to your company, and more probably
how I stated it, I think that you have a fairly conscious idea of my age,
compatible abilities, if any, and also that all the products on my Desktop
have had to be in the “Free” denomination. The only other item that may have
some bearing on this situation, is the fact that when I insert my blank CD
into the PC, and look for its availability in the “Properties” section of my
CD Drive {D:} it is always, rather oddly, depicted in a blue circular
colour, and is also always depicted as being “used.” How can this be, one
could ask, if it’s a completely new blank disc?

I still wish to pursue this matter with yourselves, to the stage of actually
having burnt a CD off some of the Vinyl LPs of my friend, if this is at all
possible. If you, however think that my situation is so far anachronistic,
that it is beyond any repair, in so far as any association with your
product, then, although I realize that it is highly un-recommended, and yet
you have mentioned alternative Free Burners in your tutorials, could you
point me in any favourable direction to achieving the final destination?
Thank you, again.

In regard to your above message, I was in fact using Audacity 2, as in all of my free downloads, I always initiate the request with the words, “Latest Free---------. My XP computer operates a version of Windows, as such: Windows 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr. 111025-1629: Service Pack 3}”

I apologize if I have come through to the incorrect section, but as I initially stated, that it has been a considerable amount of years since I last attended a forum. I hope that the above-mentioned information suffices, and naturally thought that I was able to post my request, and reply to yourselves, as your attached response listed below, seemed to give every indication of this fact

Re: Burning a CD
by steve » Fri May 04, 2012 6:34 am

There is a set of tutorials about this: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Tuto … iscs_to_CD
If you get stuck, describe where you have got up to and what you are stuck with and we’ll do our best to help you get unstuck.

I listed the stage to which I had arrived in the operation, in my last email, viz. that I was requesting assistance in utilizing your product, Audacity 2, to assist me in the burning of the afore-mentioned 9 LP numbers, which, when I have the said confirmation of the correct procedural approach, I feel sure that I can then go ahead, and utilize that same system to complete the process, by burning my friend’s “numbers/songs,” from their collection in the same manner.

If you do not deal with this request, yourselves, or if there is another section of your company who does deal strictly with my request, could you then assist me in getting in touch with them, and allowing me to send the afore-mentioned correspondence to them, or alternately, perhaps pass it on to them directly? I thank you again in anticipation of a reply to this petition.

This is not a “company”, we are not employees, and it’s not really “our” product.
Audacity is free open source software that is developed, maintained, documented and supported by volunteers and enthusiasts around the world. This forum is “staffed” by volunteers in their spare time.

Regarding terminology:

  • The manual refers to “record players” as “turntables” as this is the common usage term these days.
  • The “blue input” in the PC is called the “line input” or just “Line In”. This is one of the inputs of the computer sound card.
  • “CD Burner” or “CD-RW drive” is a hardware device (a physical component of a computer system) that can “burn” (write to) blank (writeable) CDs. They are also known as “Read/Write Optical disc drives”.

Error messages:

  • “Cannot continue with the burning process, because no burning device was detected. Install a burning device, and restart CDBurnerXP to burn a Disc.”
  • “Connect a burner, and restart the player!”

Both of these messages are essentially saying the same thing. None of the CD burning software (programs) are able to find a working “CD Burner”/“CD-RW Drive” on your system that is capable of burning (writing) to a CD. The most likely cause is that either your CD Drive is broken and cannot write to disks, or it may not be correctly installed. If you think that your CD drive is in good condition, try re-installing the software that was included with the drive.

Just to clarify this point, Audacity is a sound editor program. It does not have any capability to do the CD Burning. To perform the burn to CD, you will need a working CD Burner device installed within, or attached to, your computer and some CD Burning software, such as an appropriate choice from the products mentioned in the Tutorials.

Sorry. I quite obviously utilized incorrect terminology. As with every product there always has to be copyright, and the original creator should correctly reap the rightful reward. I wasn’t aware that any additions augmented to the original product were made by volunteers, and if so, then their very enthusiasm appears to be their reward in return.
In your “Regarding Terminology” paragraph, I have heard of all the terms which you mentioned. However, at the time of my original incursion into recording, years ago, the only CD Discs that were applicable to my “turntable,” were CD-R, and CD-RW. The CD-R, was the brand that I then used, and the one I am attempting to do so now. The CD-RW was then, as I recall a re-writable disc, which I seldom used, as I was going to keep the finalized CD-R. Therefore, I usually only used it as a “practice run” software item.
In your “Error Messages” paragraph, I am not sorry to say, that to a novice, the words “Burner,” as in “CDBurnerXP” and “Burn,” in “Windows Media Player,” still seem hugely inappropriate, and misleading. Accordingly, then, are you suggesting that I was therefore requesting the incorrect software program from the net, and should now re-request, in lieu, any program called a “CD Burner/CD-RW Drive?” If so, I would ask:

  1. Are these items freely available on the net under that technological denomination?
  2. If my CD Drive is broken, how do I ascertain this fact? Is the “blue”, “used space” in the “D” drive “Properties” some indication of the same?
  3. Again, how would I know whether it was incorrectly installed, as I have no precedent till now, on which to pose such questions?
  4. Additionally, how do I know, and locate the software that was included in the drive?
  5. Again, now that you know which “Computer System” that I am utilizing, and the “Windows System” under which I am operating, could I assume that this is definitively procurable on the net, and if so, once questions 2, 3, and 4 are answered, under what terminology do I pose the request for re-installation if it is available?
    I fully realize that I am asking a lot in regards to the original question which I addressed to the forum. I do also realize that to proceed in today’s hectic market of competition, one must rely mainly upon improvement, and/or improvisation. Yet, I hasten to add, that in perhaps percentages, through out the world, largely, {Especially in the field of novices.} it would tend to appear to be just a tad overdone. The race in comparability, in regards to the many faceted options adorning the products of electronics, could quite easily be mistaken for just that situation, and perhaps the tad diminutive comprehension of all those facets is fast being given second recognition. I sometimes wonder whether this augmentation could be taken simply as procedural roles, whereby the competition is being constantly amazed by the new inventiveness of its opponents. Perhaps, the “age” has called upon faster grasping of the knowledge of the current methods of learning, and applicability. I don’t know. However, I do know that it was once such a joy to get an operation up, and running, and even completed, so to speak, without being virtually forced to indulge in the knowledge of all the available “novelties”, and “workings” of the new product.
    I do thank you, once again, for all the time that you have given me, and hope that you can assist me in the above-mentioned questions. All I can say, is that they are asked in all honesty, and that this dialogue represents in no way a situation bordering on a repertoire for solutions to ennui. I have always personally liked to complete operations pragmatically, sincerely, and with the best of expertise assistance available.

Incidentally, I would dearly love to send “PGA” a list of at least a dozen sites which I have again visited just this morning, looking for an available list of CD Burners, where CDBurnerXP is listed categorically as a burner of CD/DVD programs, and has the stand alone facilities, according to the advertisers to facilitate just that particular situation.

@emcee9. To reiterate, Audacity does not support burning CD’s. Its responsibility ends after exporting a valid audio file.

If you have issues with a particular CD burning software, please report the matter to the manufacturers of that software.

To reiterate, a CD drive is not a program (sometimes called software) but hardware - a physical piece of equipment. The drive needs a CD burning program (like CDBurnerXP) to tell it what files to burn and how to burn them, but the CD burning program cannot make a CD drive burn discs if the drive is not physically capable of doing so.

From your description the drive is apparently broken, not connected or only plays CD’s rather than plays and burns them. You will therefore need to contact a qualified computer technician to give you advice in person. If you look at the manual for the computer it should indicate what sort of CD or DVD drive it is. If there is no “R” or “W” (such as in “CD-RW”), or no mention of “recordable” or “writable”, or if the drive is just described as “CD-ROM” then it does not burn CD’s. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc_drive#Compatibility .


Hello emcee9,
I can confirm that I have personally used CDBurnerXP with success, but to reiterate Gale Andrews, CDBurnerXP is a software program (application) that performs the programming functions required for burning a CD, but in order to do so, the actual “physical” device that writes the data to the disk needs to be present, functional and capable of performing the task. From the information that you have provided, the symptoms and error messages that you cite indicate that there is a problem with the physical hardware device. I would therefore concur with the advice proposed by Gale Andrews of seeking the assistance of a suitably qualified computer technician.

I do appreciate the time that you have spent with me, and fully understand what you have explained. By looking at the manual, I firstly presumed that you meant the Audacity Manual, listed twixt your two emails. However, if this was the case, then I could find no indication in that display, from your link, that listed, or told me, what the drive was for my personal computer, or how it fared.
If you were referring to the manual for my personal computer, I would have to say that I have none, as this PC was purchased second-hand, owing to a current, and long-standing fiscal deficit, which was not self induced, and which in turn, was, and has been the reason for all the free software on my Desktop
Accordingly, I iterate, that I will, given time, consult such a person as you recommend. Once again, I thank you for your advice, consideration, and assistance.