burn mp3 files to cd

I have 350 meg of audio conference mp3 files can’t burn to a cd audio disk . This equates to around 6 hours and I can’t get it to go on one cd disk, which can be played on a car cd player. Need help.

The maximum duration of a standard audio CD (Red book standard) is 79.8 minutes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_Disc_Digital_Audio
Some CD players can play MP3 data disks (Yellow book standard), but many CD players can’t. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP3_CD

Most good CD burning software provide options to specify whether you want to create a standard audio CD or a data CD. See your CD burning software documentation for how to do that.

Yeah, Music on an Audio CD is in a fixed format and you can’t change it. We sometimes tell people 78 minutes. It can change a little depending on the show. Does your car music system claim it can play MP3 disks? They usually say so in big letter on the front. Koz

Yes, 79.8 minutes is an absolute maximum for Red Book compliance. Burn failure rate tends to increase rapidly close to the limit so I generally prefer to not go much over about 72 minutes.

Ok I really thank you all, but you mean to tell me that I will need 6 disks to place these 6 hours of meetings on cds? Is there nothing in this world that can fit these on one disk? No software anywhere?
I have put 7 hours of video on a dvd (standard) with the use of software called convert x to dvd. No problem. I am totally bummed. I have 7 more meeting to attend and wish to tape. I may need 13 disks to keep all this information.

If anyone knows of any way to accomplish this please advise. Thank-You

An MP3 data CD can hold several hours of audio, but as explained, it will not play on your CD player unless your CD player supports playing MP3 data CDs.

Video DVDs use a lossy compression video format and if you’re willing to put up with the quality loss, you can get a bunch of video onto a disk. Audio compact disks were designed in 1980 and the options at the time were perfect, uncompressed music and no disk. So 78 minutes it is.

It seems like a version of MP3 disk is right for you. The restriction is you must play it on a computer. A plain Music CD player or most cars are not going to know how to deal with this.

This might be a good place to mention that MP3 is a destination – deliverable product. If you need to use an MP3 in production or more editing, the music quality is going to get worse – sometimes much worse, particularly if you got all the original material from download.


Why are you in love with Compact Disks? You can pile high-quality music onto a USB thumb drive and even make copies of it. Is this where you designed the whole system without knowing all the problems?


Thank You for the education. No the thumb drive will not work, because I want to share these meetings with fellow workers and they can listen to them in a car or cd player in the home or on the go, where ever. I sure do not have access to a usb port in my car or radio at home etc. A cd player is much more universal to all involved. Guess it is 11 or 12 disks then. Also quality is not the issue since it is not music I am burning it is meetings and seminars.
Again thank you all for all the help and information…