Bulk or Batch convert wav files to mp3

Hello, Has anyone got any instructions on how to convert bulk wav files to mp3? Everything I’ve found on searches refers to what appears to be a now defunct process of Chains and also references a LAME encoder. These are files from my LP’s that I recorded and digitised but now want to move to my iPhone to use, this is why they are .wav’s that appear to be in a not-easily-recognised-by-iTunes format. I know Audicity can convert them, I’ve tried it with a few samples. I’m just looking for a bulk way of doing it as I’ve got about 300 albums (!) Thanks


Sounds like the docs you are reading are out of date. What used to be called Chains are now called Macros. In Audacity, go to the Tools menu and then Apply Macro. There is a ready-made macro called MP3 Conversion. That’s what you need. You get the option to apply the macro to either the current project or a collection of files. The files option is the batch conversion you are looking for.

More details here: Tutorial - Macros section

I hope that helps. Top marks for having the persistence to digitise 300 albums.

Mark B

Update: here is a YouTube search result for videos on that topic.

Try Kabuu Audio Converter or TAudioConverter. Once you’ve set-up your desired output format and output folder it’s just drag, drop, and click and you can drag-in multiple files and batch convert.

Thanks for the leads, I’ll follow them through now ad report back.
By the way, I’d hold off on the ‘top marks’ accolades until we see how many of the 300 albums I actually get through before I give up ! :grinning:

Make protection copies of your WAV files. Nothing like coming back from lunch to discover not only had the conversion bath/chain/macro failed, but it took one or two of the WAV files with it.


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