Bulk convert old aup to aup3?

The new aup3 project is much more convenient than the old aup/_data format, especially for backups; I really appreciate the work that’s been done here.

However, I’ve been using Audacity for a very long time, and I have a lot of aup projects. Is there an easy way to automatically convert all my old aup projects to aup3, without manually opening them all in Audacity?

I’m using Windows 10, though I could probably do it from Linux or macOS instead if that was easier.

The old project format was not recommended for archiving / long term storage due to the risk of losing part of the project, or in some other way damaging the project (which was all too easy with the old multi-file format). However, if you have successfully kept old projects without damaging them, then there is no need to change now. Just continue to look after them until you need them. When you need them, open / import them into the new version of Audacity and save them in the new format at that point.

There is no tool for mass conversion from the old format to the new.