Building wxWidgets before Audacity in Xcode

Hello! I see this part of the forum is a little less busy than the help section, but am hopeful someone can help me out in compiling Audacity for Mac.

I have already compiled a working build on Windows, although my Mac OS experience is at a halt.

I am somewhere in between these steps:

9) Once the download is complete, unzip it:


  1. And finally build/install wxWidgets:

sudo /mac/build_wxwidgets .

Mac is running Sierra and Xcode 8.1 (w/ the 10.6 SDK from 4.3.3). Comparing to the Windows install, my guess is I am not placing the unzipped [wxWidgets-audacity-fixes] folder in the right location, or it must be renamed for the script/system to find it.

The few routes I’ve tried all seem to produce the same result in Terminal:

…/mac/build_wxwidgets: line35: …/configure: No such file or directory

Would appreciate tips on the missing link here. Cheers!

The exact location is not important, but on my machine I unzipped to:


Are you sure that you got the patched version of WxWidgets?
You need to download it from the “audacity-fixes” branch here: GitHub - audacity/wxWidgets: Cross-Platform GUI Library - Report issues here:

I thought the documentation states to use the 10.7 sdk. Not 10.6

This topic is 2 years old. Things change.