Bug with handling single quote

I just installed the 3.3.0 version of Audacity on a computer running Windows 11. When I use export multiple, labels are correctly turned into file names. But if the label has a single quote mark, the title in the exported file is blank. e.g. “I can’t say no” ends up with a file name of 01-I can’t say no.wav but the title field is blank. The previous version of Audacity did not have this problem.

I’m replying to my own post. The character that caused the problem was not a single quote (0x27) but rather 0xE2 which looks like a quote on my Windows machine, but isn’t . Apparently Audacity is ok with this character in a data file name but not in a title field. This is probably not a new behavior in 3.3.0. So I don’t consider it a new bug. “Correct” handling of extended character sets probably not something Audacity developers should worry about.