Bug - v3.0.0 on Debian 10 (Buster)


I’ve been using the newly released v. 3.0.0 for several days and it has been working just fine. I really love the new Audacity project file format and how all supporting files are saved within one file - very nice!

Everything had been going well but now I’m suddenly faced with a bug that causes a “segmentation fault” and Audacity crashes. If I try to use the Graphic EQ or Filter Curve effect to boost the treble on a selected part of a track it Audacity immediately crashes. It generated a .zip file report. Would it be helpful for me to upload this .zip file so that whatever underlying issue is causing this can be looked into, to help with improving stability of this newest version for everyone/other Linux/Debian users? I am happy to provide more system information/the .zip debug file, but wanted to ask before I start dumping files/information on this forum post.



Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Did you build from source?
Which desktop are you using? (Gnome 3 / Xfce / KDE / …)

Does this always happen with all projects, or is it in a specific project that the problem occurs?
What (exactly, step by step) do I need to do to reproduce the problem?

Hi there, sorry - I think there was a conflict with a previous version of Audacity and existing plugin folders. I had duplicates showing up and then when I corrected the duplicate plug-in files Audacity refused to see the new/correct files and I just lived for the past month or so with no plug-ins. But I need it to work and so I’m starting from scratch today, purged everything and have done a fresh/clean install. But now I can’t even get Audacity to start. I’ll make a new post for this. Thank you for your help!