Bug Report -Truncate Silence Stopped working

Hey Y’all,

I have been using Audacity for over a year to record and edit my podcast. One of my favorite features was “Effect > Special >Truncate Silence”. All of a sudden it stopped behaving.

I typically have 4 people speaking at once and I NEVER use “Truncate Tracks Independently”, but recently Audacity have been behaving AS IF I have checked that toggle. I can’t get it to work “as a group” any more.

ALSO “File > Export Audio > Trim blank space before first clip” radio button has stopped working. My latest recording has 2:30 min of blank space before the first clip and normally the radio button would remove that.

I seems weird that these both stopped working about the same time. My version is Audacity 3.4.2

Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t tested it, but it sounds like Tracks → Keep tracks synchronized may be turned off. If that’s not it, can you test if it works in Audacity 3.3.3?

It used to work without “keep tracks synced”. I tried using “keep tracks synced” as a work around, but it has the negative effect of considering ALL tracks, not just the selected ones. For example, I’ll often have speaker tracks and music tracks. I try to trim silences before adding music, but occasionally I need to do more editing afterwards. Keeping tracks in sync means nothing gets trimmed because of the music.

I’ll try rolling back versions and report what happens.