Bug 137 Audacity pleas HEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!1

i read if u leave session open. the bug occurs. i was informed that if i seperate files in folders no larger than 2 g then use recovry tool for the rest. if u understand the technique please send an email or phone call. i am a super dumm shit when it comes to these things. i work very hard to go through this. please and thanks…
Lava team inc.

It sucks to leave your email on the forum. We get a lot of ads and other spam and your email would just fall over.

Did you have an edit crash? Project recovery only works with the first recording session. Editing your show scrambles the files so you need the AUP file to bring it all back.

Describe what happened? Did Audacity crash overnight?

It’s good to Export a live performance as WAV (Microsoft) and then Export the final mix as another WAV. Even if you want to make an MP3 later, make the WAV first as your Edit Master.