my OS is Windows 7 and using Audacity 2.0.5 version. Is http://lame.buanzo.org/ legitimate and safe for LAME downloading? ;)I have the .exe installer

The version of Lame on the buanzo site is known to work correctly with Audacity.
When you download Lame, ensure that you follow the instructions on that page exactly. The correct download links are text links.
That page is advert supported, and there may be graphical adverts with attractive download buttons - but those are NOT for downloading lame.

Due to patent issues, Audacity is not able to include, or even host the Lame encoder. The most that we can do is to indicate a third party site that hosts a build of Lame that is known to work. Please note that “Ogg Vorbis” is a compressed audio format that is free of these legal issues and is supported directly by Audacity without the need of other encoders. For more information about Ogg Vorbis, see their web site: http://www.vorbis.com/ Unless there is a specific reason why you have to use legally encumbered formats (such as MP3 or WMA) I would recommend using free and open formats, such as WAV, Flac and Ogg.

Two reasons are that neither iTunes or Windows Media Player support OGG (without installing extra
codecs or add-ons).


Last time I looked, WMP didn’t even support DVD playback without installing extra codecs. (or MP4, or XVID, or MP2, or Flac, or DivX, or MOV…)
That may or may not be an important issue for guitarbob.
Windows Media Player has always relied heavily on installing DirectShow filters to give it decent file format support. Adding Ogg Vorbis support to WMP is as straightforward as adding any other DirectShow filter (http://www.vorbis.com/setup_windows/), though personally I’d recommend using a better media player.