Broken audio file

I was editing a .wav file in Audacity and I changed the volume with the amplify effect in one section that I selected, and then when I saved it, I discovered that the file is broken. It keeps looping one section of the audio, with about 10 seconds of silence between each repeat. How did this happen and how do I fix this?

You missed describing some important details in the middle of the narrative.

You selected a portion of a WAV show and applied the Amplify filter to it. Then you saved the work as an Audacity Project under a different name. Then you opened up that new file later that day and it does not play correctly.

Did I hit it?


I exported the file as a .wav again. I played the exported .wav file and then the audio file was just a repeating loop of the same audio segments, with silence between each of the times it repeated again.

Are you using the current Audacity 2.0.2? See Help > About Audacity.

Older versions may have bugs.

Or you may have imported the WAV file without copying it into the project and then deleted the WAV you imported. Open the project and click File > Check Dependencies. What does it say?


I think the version I was using might have been an older version than the current version. Also, I did not delete the WAV I imported, I just exported and saved over the WAV file I was editing. Unfortunately, I can’t open the project and click File and Check Dependencies, because the project does not exist anymore, since it was a long time ago.