Brief explanation please (hard_limiter_1413/se4_1882)

I have just downloaded Audacity.

hard_limiter_1413 and se4_1882 are still on my screen and pending. Before I consent to allowing their installation, I would like to have some idea of what they are. Can someone provide me with a brief, simple explanation of what these items do/are used for?

Hard Limiter and SC4 are effects that come with Audacity. They are in the Plug-Ins folder inside your Audacity installation folder. They are not VST effects, but the “Install VST Effects” dialogue sees them as VST’s because they have a DLL extension after the file name like VST’s do.

Hard Limiter and SC4 will appear in the Effect Menu whether you enable them in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue or not. Sorry this is a bit confusing, but this will be improved for the next release of Audacity.

If you want to read what those two effects do, have a look at the Manual: