Breaking Macros

I’m mostly stuck on Audacity 3.2 - the change to the way the sample rate is set I find odd and incomplete, but mostly because each recent update also breaks macros in way which is non-obvious. The latest is the removal of “Sound Finder” and it’s replacement with “Label Sounds”.

The development cycle seems to have no concern for breaking long established work flows of users, now I have 10 or so macros which fail at either noise reduction because the sample rate is different or “Your batch command of soundfinder was not recognized”.

While I recognize Audacity has to move on, it’s disappointing how little consideration is given to the deprecation of old functions.

If nothing else, a suggestion on how to migrate from an old feature to a new feature would be really useful and preferably a utility that actually takes the old parameters and turn them into the new function.

The change to label sounds from sound finder on Audacity 3.3 doesn’t even given the chance to edit the macros. You click on Macro manager, select Soundfinder and click edit and nothing, the parameters are all blanked out.

The only way to see what they were is to copy down by hand the macro parameters or take a screen shot to work out how to convert them. This is just poor software planning.

That particular change happened long ago, so you probably missed the hints, tips and release announcements at the time of that change.

The old SoundFinder plug-in is available here:

The old SilenceFinder plugin is available here: Nyquist Analyze Plug-ins - Audacity Wiki

They can be installed using the “Nyquist Plugin Installer” (see: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual)