Boss katana not recoding

Im running win7 and i have downloaded audacity and the boss tone studio but i dont get any sound or a signal from amp. I am plugged in threw the back via usp i have comp set katana and alos on audacity. I have tried every available source my comp has and i still get nothing. I have recorded threw my go guitar interface via headphone jack but it sound terrible white noise and hiss in the background when nothing is is playing, or when using non distortion settings on amp. Any help would be appreciated

Be sure that you have given Audacity permission to use your microphone: Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support.

After plugging in your amplifier and connecting your USB cable, start Audacity (or Transport > Rescan Audio Devices). Under Audio Setup, either MME or WASAPI host should work, but if one doesn’t then try the other. Under Recording Devices, specify your Katana amp.

Note that Audacity does not support ASIO. So if you are using the Katana ASIO drivers, you will need to use another DAW such as Reaper, Ableton,Protools, Logic, or use a MAC computer, which uses its own drivers.

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