Bosanska tuga, my new composition or improvisation recorded via Audacity

I would like to post My new composition. Note: I am from Slovakia, not from Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, I was inspired by some bosnian or balkan tunes and I have decided to post this music here.

I’m not familiar with that style of music, so I may be barking up the wrong tree here,
but IMO that would benefit from dynamic-range-compression: so that there is less variation in the volume of the notes.

Applying compression after reverb can make the reverb level louder, so I would compress before reverb.

I know, that not everyone likes this kind of music and thank You to Your dynamic notes. I’ll try to improve My next music at the future.

Audacity’s compressor seems (unnecessarily) restricted to me:
e.g. cannot have a release time shorter than one second.

I recently came across this free compressor-limiter plugin from Thomas “loudMax” Mundt … , similar to the famous “levellator,” but it’s adjustable.
It’s 32/64bit VST2*, (I’m using it in Audacity 2-3-2 on Windows, where it works in real-time).
The LUveler plugin GUI only consists of slider-controls: no graphs or animations.

The default setting on LUveler, but with target level increased from -20LUFS to -14LUFS, works for me.

[ * Linux version also available. Mac users are the only excluded group].

Thank You. Sometimes I use MDA dynamics and MDA Limiter. True is, that I really have used Audacity’s compressor after long time. I know, that It wasn’t good idea. Also, thank You for Your recommendation of new plugin.