Bluetooth Headphone Use [SOLVED]

I use both bluetooth headphones and regular earbuds to listen to large audio recordings, some over a gigabyte in length. I am unable to switch between the two output devices or turn the bluetooth headphones off and on again without closing out of Audacity completely and reopening it. The bluetooth headphones work in all other software programs but my only selection in the Audacity drop-down menu is “Built-in Output”. Is there a way to add my bluetooth headphones to the drop-down selection without completely closing out and reopening Audacity with the bluetooth headphones turned on.

Audacity only looks for audio devices when it is first launched, unless you specifically tell it to look again. To do that, click on “Transport menu > Rescan audio devices”. You will need to “rescan” (or restart Audacity) whenever you attach or remove an audio device.

Thanks for your help. That worked perfectly.