Bluetooth doesn't work with external speaker

Hey bros, and sisters,

Mac OS 10.13.3 and Audacity 2.1.0

I’m using a conventional Bluetooth stereo speaker, a JBL Charge 3. It can be fussy about handshaking with the computer, but it is working just fine at the moment, playing YouTube videos and iTunes.

I just can’t get Audacity to play through it. I’ve read several old threads. I’ve tried Transport: Rescan audio devices. Doesn’t work. Apparently, Audacity has a long history of problems with Bluetooth.

I’m guessing this is a common problem and there might not be any reliable fix. Is this a bug on the things to do list?

I’m not ready to give up. Any suggestions?

Most audio software for pro use doesn’t work with BlueTooth input nor output, to avoid problems.

It can be done, sometimes, but you’ll run into problems sooner or later. And, besides, the quality of the sound isn’t really up to a pro level, because of the limitations (compression).

Appreciate the honesty. Come to think of it, MuseScore doesn’t work with Bluetooth either.

I always thought there is something wrong with my machine. If you search this forum, and others, you’ll finds lots of unproductive theories about what the problem is and how to fix it.

Shouldn’t this be documented? I’ve looked through the docs, see no mention of it.

The problem is, it works in some cases. There doesn’t seem to be an ideal combo of Mac and BT device that works. There’s been a lot of problems with Sennheiser’s BT stuff, despite those being amongst the better ones.

Maybe, yes, there should be a mention in the faq’s. And maybe about USB mics too. A lot of people buy these and run into trouble.