BLue Yeti X - recording audio dips

Hi. So I’m currently using a Blue Yeti X as a way to record audio for filming a host for a digital awards ceremony. I’ve had no issue until now. When I was recording the other day, the audio would dip down and up. So our speaker would start and it would either be very quiet first and then loud, alternating throughout the recording, or vice versa. What could be the issue here? I’ve switched the cable various time and it still happens. I’ve even tried different recording software. She is in the same position as always. So I"m thinking this is either the mic or the software.

So I"m thinking this is either the mic or the software.

…or Zoom, or Skype, or Hangouts, or Groups.

Audacity gets its sound from the computer not the microphone. Any software in the middle can affect the sound, particularly if you leave a chat or conference app running in the background.

Audacity doesn’t change sound when recording. No filters, effects, or corrections. I don’t think the Yeti is doing it, either, but I could be corrected.

Without digging through the sales literature, why is there an “X” model? What’s special about this Yeti?


why is there an “X” model?

[time passes]

As expected, the Yeti-X will cure cancer and ensure world peace, but the actual improvements may be limited to a fancy knob, and different color and shape case.

The X model is not going to affect the volume of the performance (that I know of).

Restart the Mac before a performance and Do Not let anything else start or run. Turn off WiFi (fan symbol, upper right). That’s me being obsessive and it shouldn’t make any difference, but if you suddenly get error messages and complaints, you may have discovered a problem.

Real-time sound recording apps don’t like to share Macs