Blue Yeti Weird Sound
I put my hand over the mic to block out background noise at around 0:05, and nothing changed.
My mic didn’t always do this, then it just started doing it.

Search the forum for “frying mosquitoes”. It is a terribly common problem.

The source of the noise is the USB data transmission. The reason it should suddenly be a problem will probably take some effort to track down.

I would start by asking have you changed anything to do with the USB cabling, different cable, inserted a hub, etc?

Second is the any other ground path for the microphone other than the USB cable (eg cable plugged into the Yeti’s headphone jack going off to other equipment, not headphones).

Thanks for your response. Lucky enough, one of my brothers is also buying a Blue Yeti, so I can swap USB cables and such to see if buying a new USB cable will fix it.