Blue Yeti not working on my computer????

I recently bought the Yeti mic and connected it to my computer using the cable provided in the box. The light does turn on (not blinking) but it does not work on my computer and it does not show up in Audio devices or device manager. I then bought a new mini usb cable but the problem still continued. I tried all of the USB slots that are on my computer and I use a Windows 8. Does anyone have any idea on what’s going on?

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Does the mic show up in the Windows Sound Control Panel?

If you launched Audacity before attaching the mic to the computer, the Audacity will not “see” it until you tell Audacity to “Rescan audio devices” (near the bottom of the Transport menu). Usually it is easiest to just connect the mic first before you open Audacity.

No, the only thing that shows up is the default mic. Nothing called Yeti mic or any variation of that.

Is there a “USB” mic listed? (Windows might not call it “Yeti”).
Have you set the Windows Sound Control Panel to “Show disabled devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”?

No, only the realtek microphone and a disconnected headset that I know is a different device.
Also yes it is supposed to show disabled and disconnected devices

OK, so Windows does not recognise the device.
The problem is either with the mic, the lead or your computer.
Are you able to test the mic on another computer?
Are you able to try a different USB lead?
Has this microphone ever worked?

Do you get the light on the MUTE button? It flashes when the microphone is muted and on steady when the microphone is working.

Audacity gets microphone services from the computer. So if Windows doesn’t know the microphone is there, Audacity will never find it.


Try Start → Devices and Printers → Add Device.

Or, you might need to go into Windows Device Manger to see if you can find a USB device showing a problem.

Start → Control Panel → Device Manager.

Look down the list for Universal Serial Bus Controllers and then click on the little [+] box to expand the list. It might show-up there and there might be some kind of “warning icon” showing that there’s a problem. You might have to re-install or change the driver or something. I have a Blue Icicle and although in my case Windows and Audacity could see it, it was using the wrong driver and it didn’t work 'till I changed it.

I don’t know if [u]Blue’s Customer Support[/u] is good or not, but you might give it a try. They probably won’t help you with Audacity, but if Windows can’t see the mic they should help you with that.

I don’t own the Blue Yeti, but it’s got a great set of features. If I was buying a “podcast” mic, that’s probably the one I’d buy. I REALLY like the zero-latency monitoring feature, and it’s got a gain control, and sometimes it might be nice to have a stereo mic. Some of Blue’s mics are goofy looking, but the Yeti just has a goofy name! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Be careful with the stereo features. I understand they only work with ASIO.
Audacity doesn’t natively support ASIO.

Without ASIO, you can get two tracks in Audacity, but they’re the same. The microphone is just duplicating the left and right.


The mic’s light was steady red not flashing, i did change the cable, but I don’t know what you mean by the lead, steve.

I checked on another computer and as far as I can tell it did work, although I’ll need to check again to make sure.

I did try adding device and checking device manager, but adding device did not find the mic and everything in device manager looked fine with no warning icon.

I meant the USB cable.

The USB cable was changed as well, yes.

We never found out which Windows.

Switch the Yeti to Cardioid (heart or kidney shaped pattern). Don’t try to use stereo or the other modes.

I checked on another computer and as far as I can tell it did work, although I’ll need to check again to make sure.

Another Windows computer the same version as yours? You should start posting messages rich with details, versions and part numbers. We’ll just go around and around and dig deeper without that.

My old Win7 machine had a tiny sound meter in the control panels and it would flash and bounce when I had something working connected. That’s the kind of thing you need to get Audacity to work. You can leave Audacity closed until you get Windows working.