Blue Yeti Mute Flashing, Yet Not Muting

Alright so Blue’s website is a little useless at the moment and I can’t call them at the present time so I figured I would come here.
I have a Blue Yeti, and the mute button just doesn’t work at all. Originally the physical button was unresponsive, and would have to press it a number of times to mute/unmute…

Today I noticed when talking to someone that they could hear every noise on my end, even with the mute button pressed and the light flashing red. :confused:

This is totally a hardware issue and not something simple isn’t it?


Yes, the microphone is supposed to mute when you push the button and yes, it does flash when it’s in mute. Mute Failure may be you’re recording from the laptop built-in microphone.

Do the scratch test. Scratch each microphone announcing as you go.


I had the same issue. I have submitted a ticket. Awaiting their reply

i know this conversation happened a long time ago but i recently had this problem. and for my case it was just about how well the cable was plugged in. you would need to make sure it is all the way connected into the microphone and i recommend using some sort of tape or strap to keep it in place. Hope i could help. Luca