Blue Yeti Microphone Mute Button

I just purchased a Blue Yeti from Fry’s and it is functioning perfectly.

However, I noticed when I press the mute button, it always doesn’t have a consistent response when I turn it on and off. I might have to press it twice or more occasionally. Though it is not a major problem, it really bugs me. Has anyone else that has the same product as I encounter this? I want to know if this is a common thing for the blue yeti microphones. I am deciding if I should return it and get a different one.

I have no experiences with a Yeti, but I’ve used a snowball and that’s always done exactly what it’s supposed to do. I would try a different USB cable before I took it back.


Thank you for the reply, I use the USB that came with it. You are probably right.

I am deciding if I should return it and get a different one.

A different Yeti, or a different microphone altogether? I don’t own a Yeti, but it has a very impressive set of features… Built-in zero-latency monitoring, an analog gain control, multiple patterns including stereo. If I were in the market for a USB mic, I’d probably buy the Yeti.

Blue makes a lot of weird looking mics, and that kind-of turns me off to the company, but the features of the Yeti make it interesting.

Didn’t know if i should make a new thread or post in this one. I also had the same issue and thought my mic was messed up. i exchanged it and had the same issue. Im guessing all of them do it.

The Yeti microphone is not a gift from the angels. It has a very attractive feature set, but it got the very attractive price by not including anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary for a majority of users. Many people use a Yeti perfectly every day, but many people post on the forum with strange, low-volume whining noises. This is the “Yeti Curse” and comes from poor power processing, power processing not needed with most computers…but not all.

People with the curse can’t use a Yeti with their computer.

Google the MUTE problem. If your Yeti does everything else OK, you win.


to me this just sounds like you’ve just been unlucky and picked up a faulty yeti, a friend of mine has one and he’s never had any issues with it far as im aware