Blue yeti mic problems

My blue yeti mic seems to not be recording properly after windows ten magically appeared on my machine. I tested it in skype it worked fine. Tried it on reaper and audacity and i get the muffled sound that just sounds down right awful
Going back to windows ten seems like impossible right now because it wouldn’t boot the install… so now i am stuck with windows ten… my mother board doesnt support win 10 i think this is why i am getting the issues??
if someone could help me thats awesome because this mic is going on craigslist if i can’t figure it out. It still is recording and looks like it should work but when i play back the audio it sounds terrible… any help would be awesome

Did you use the button to go back to the previous Windows version in the Settings app at Update & security > Recovery?

You could post an audio sample of the muffled recording so we could hear it.

Have you tried shutting down Skype to see if it is a bad interaction with that?

Have you tried right-clicking over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”, right-click over the Yeti, then choose "Properties, then look at the different tabs? The “Advanced” tab should have “Default Format” options for different sample rates. Assuming you have Yeti or Yeti Studio, try a 16-bit 48000 Hz choice which is its “native” format.