Blue Yeti laptop fan noise

ok so quick question im doing the same thing as the (original poster) in and in my videos i an here my laptop fans? also i have a bluesnowball

Your worst problem is the inability to remove the computer from the microphone because of USB cable lengths. Six feet. That’s it. Build a wall of pillows or blankets between you and the laptop or make a wall of books. Record in a room with heavy drapes or carpets or both. If you’re using the cardioid pattern on the Snowball, put the computer directly behind the microphone.

The worst thing that happened to home recording was bare walls, metal window blinds and parquet floors. I know pros that will refuse jobs like that.

Past that, Noise Removal is the only hope and if the noise is loud enough, you will get damaged voices.

Record a section with noise only. Select it and Effect > Noise Removal > Profile > OK.
Then run Noise Removal again and apply it to the show or a small portion of the show just to see how it sounds. Do Not change anything between the profile recording and the show. Audacity will try to remove the profile from the show. If either one moves or changes, it stops working.

You have to juggle the removal settings. I don’t think the default settings really work for very many people. I would personally use lower reduction settings, like starting with 9dB or 12dB. 24dB is likely to give you bubbling or honky voices.

The only perfect way to do this is record in a quiet, padded room like Ian is doing for his audiobook recordings. He’s using a Snowball. Or the way I did this clip.