Blue Snowflake mic not working with Audacity

I’m working on Ubuntu netbook edition and every time I try and record with my Blue Snowflake mic through Audacity it will record for a few seconds then make this high pitched beeeeeeeep and then it stops recording. it’s really frustrating. The mic seems to work with the sound recorder that comes with Ubuntu but that’s it. Any ideas on what’s going on or how to fix it?

What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?

Audio host is ALSA
Playback device is default
Recording device is my Blue snowflake mic
and input channel is 1 mono

It may be that your netbook isn’t fast enough to run Audacity reliably with a USB microphone. I’m not saying that this IS the case (I’ve never run Audacity on a netbook), just that it may be the case. When a computer is put under stress, one of the first things to be affected is USB.

Probably the first thing to try and rule out is acoustic feedback.
Does your netbook have built-in speakers? If it does, are they disabled? (plugging in headphones may disable built in speakers).

I think it is just my computer, it’s pretty wimpy. I’m surprised i could get Audacity to work decently at all. I’ll see if it works on another computer.