Blue snowball usb mic

Just got the Blue snowball condenser USB mic. Volume into audacity recording is very low and barely produces a visible waveform display. Checked all menus and they show this device connected and hooked up right. Best volume with all volume controls @ max is -24 db on the toolbar display. Windows home XP. system works fine with input from a keyboard; this is the first mic input I have tried. Anyone with experience using USB mic?


USB mics have the pre-amp built in to the mic. Since you have no control over the pre-amp gain they have to be designed conservatively to be able to deal with very loud sounds without distorting. So what you see is probably what you get. I have no experience with that particular mic, but maybe someone who has will see this post and offer some constructive advice.

– Bill

I believe there is a software download available from their website for increasing the sensitivity of the microphone.