Blue Snowball quality is bad all of a sudden PLEASE HELP

I’ve been recording vocals in Audacity with my blue snowball mic and it has been excellent. Though one day the quality started to sound not nearly as clear as before. I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers and redownloading Audacity but the same problem persists. I even tried a different blue snowball mic and the issues is still there. Does anyone know a possible fix for this??
Also a side note randomley the device started beign recognized as USB Audio (2-class) rather than Blue Snowball like it usually is, I don’t now if this is related.

Thanks c:

Audacity looks for new USB devices when it starts and can forget about devices if there is an interruption. So you can get seriously magic results if you use a USB headset for gaming or Skype or have a ratty USB connection. Unplug all other audio devices, plug the Snowball in (firmly, let it settle) and then start Audacity.

You can get the same resetting effect with Audacity > Transport > Rescan…

You should never put USB audio devices through a hub with other devices. That can cause sound damage.


I have no other usb devices in use besides the blue snowball so what exactly are you recommending I do? Sorry I’m a bit confused haha

Please read the pink panel at the top of the page. We can’t help you with no information to go on.

Did any settings in Audacity change, like your project rate or Audio to buffer in Recording Preferences?

Can you post an audio sample of the problem? See How to post an audio sample .