Blue Snowball Microphone barely picking up audio.

I’ve tried using it on a different computer as well. Please help.

Are you on Windows? What version of Windows? Have you chosen Blue in the input box in Device Toolbar ?

Are you close enough to the mic?


On Windows, Windows 8, it wouldn’t matter because this isn’t only happening on Audacity, and my mouth was an inch away from the mic.

In your video at 0:26 it seems that the microphone volume slide is at or near 0. Check the properties for the microphone (in Windows mixer), maybe you simply need to turn it up there.


Well spotted.

Audacity should be able to turn up the input volume slider for Blue, but if not, right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the Blue then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Levels” tab and adjust the input slider.

Note that in Audacity you must select the Blue as input Device in Device Toolbar . If you select some other device then the Audacity input slider will only affect that other device.


Position 2 of the switch on the rear of the Snowball is for the purpose of making the sound quieter if you have a very loud performance that could damage the recording. Position 1 is for normal volume directionality and position 3 is omni-directional — all around. Most people need position 1.