Blue Snowball Mic Won't Record On 2 Stereo Tracks Since My Update to 3.3.3

All was working well with my Blue Snowball Mic until I got the recent update to the 3.3.3 version. It now offers recording on a single Mono track. Is anyone else having this problem? What can I do to resolve this and get back to recording on 2 Stereo tracks?

You may be getting other options if you choose a different host (MME, DirectSound, WASAPI) in Audio Setup. That said, by the looks of things the Blue Snowball is a mono mic, so recording stereo with it probably is just duplicating data.

I set to WASAPI in Audio Setup then select my Snowball mic. Again, prior to my update, I, without problem, would select Stereo tracks. Now, all I am offered is Mono. Also, I am now plagued with Error code: -9997 Invalid Sample Rate.

This was not a problem until I updated my Audacity.

If you’re using Windows, check the USB mic is set to record 2 channels

The Snowball is a mono mic. Most mics are mono. Usually stereo is recorded with two mics, but there are a few stereo mics. (The Blue Yeti has stereo and a couple of other pickup pattern options.)

There might be a combination of settings that allows you to record in “stereo” with the same thing on both sides, but I don’t know what those settings are.

Thanks DVDoug, Trebor & LWinterberg.