Blue Screen OD and related software HELP!

I am seeking guidance and help for BSOD issues. I need help knowing if i should change my whole setup, computer, or DAW.

Respectfully, please - experts help me!

*I am an Audacity user for like a decade? more?
*I am “advanced amateur” knowledge base
*I use a Line 6 PODHD500x floorboard for guitar recording into Audacity on ASUS 5yo laptop with Windows 10 (before memory integrity updates/issues) and now moving to an HP ENVY 1yo Windows 11 (now has memory integrity driver issues with Line 6)
*I use a Line 6 UX2 audio interface for recording live sounds in stereo.

I have had 2~3 issues over the years with Audacity stability and some BSOD and loss issues, but resolved most over the years (things like sampling rate not being same for recording and playback, etc etc) with help from this forum.
I still have CONSTANT blue screen of death issues currently, and only now I’m thinking perhaps Line 6 is the culprit?

–I get blue screen when i am recording guitar into Audacity on W10 via Line6 PODHD500x. It doesn’t happen right away. I have to be recording into audacity for at least like 30 seconds or so, and then wham just BSOD almost every time. I can do a few tracks maybe 10-20 seconds or so, but by the time i get 30-40 second mark on a 3rd track, I can be 100% sure it will BSOD on me. Every time.

–This seems to happen when doing live recoding on the UX2 as well

–I do NOT seem to get BSOD when my input+output devices are NOT line 6, but left as Microsoft sound mapper or Realtek speakers. I can record 6 tracks, multiple minutes each → no issues at all. But then I start recording on Line 6 → BOOM dead.

–Also i sort of hack-tried plugging in the line 6 in while im recording, and funny enough the sound does start to go thru while the input device stays listed as microsoft sound mapper and this seems to maybe stop the BSOD but i did this once on accident i cannot stand by this test at all or what it means or if my interpretation is correct anyway…

Given I now understand Audacity works great when i’m not using Line 6 device as interface and breaks when i do, i’m wondering if i am simply playing on equipment that is too old and unsupported for Audacity?

I am considering just getting a Boss GT-1000 (or perhaps the Fractal FM9 ) to get away from Line 6 and see if this solves my issue, and a new audio interface for live recording to get away from UX2. I would consider the Helix Line 6 board if i can be sure the issue isnt Line 6.

This is expensive though - does anyone have any ideas before i buy new music gear and ditch my POD HD500x + UX2 ? Id hate to buy $1k new gear and still get BSOD…

I am speaking mostly for the windows 10 asus, because in order to use line 6 on my new HP i have to shut off memory integrity which i hear a lot of ppl just do it but im kinda nervous to do that and just rather not. Rather get a Boss and not have to do this. But i did shut that off for a while and used the Line 6 on the new HP W11 setup and STILL i get BSOD in the same way. So im thinking old Line 6 equipment is the problem.

What do the experts think? Anything to trouble shoot? Just replace with GT1000 Boss? Or think I’ll keep getting same issue anyway?

I also tried switching to Ableton Live 11 but these other DAW are so bad compared to Audacity! I dont want to leave Audacity, it has been so good to me.

I have updated to the new 3.4.2 Audacity with no help on the issue.

I’m all ears. Thank you in advance.

From what I understand, an application can’t crash Windows. (Of course the application itself can crash).

So it’s probably the Line 6 driver.

The Line 6 website says:

So it might not work on newer versions of Windows.

Your audio-interface is compatible with industry-standard ASIO drivers.
Standard Audacity is not compatible with ASIO drivers.

My suggestion: try Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio,
which is compatible if you install ASIO4ALL, (also free).

Driver problems can cause a BSOD. Whereas I’ve never had Audacity do that.

OK, thanks - sounds like i should take the dive then.

Maybe will experiment with the basic AI (not the board) first and see if the problem goes away using a brand new AI.

I downloaded it. BSOD twice since ive opened it. Behavior is same or even worse than Audacity. Went to BSOD just after finishing 1 track then playing with effects, and then on reboot, happened <1min while recording on second try.

I guess ASIO stuff then is not a factor here?

seems like i really need to replace all this very old L6 gear ASAP…

Will go with BOSS GT-1000 unless anyone has a better idea. Id prefer Fractal FM9 but i need an on-board foot pedal for travelling)

Drivers can conflict: fighting to the death for control of audio, (or other resource).
I don’t think replacing audio-interface hardware will resolve your BSOD problem.

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