Blue Cat plugins

Hello all,

Do “Blue Cat”'s plugins work with Audacity 2.0.6?
(I’ve read posts stating they do).

I installed a whole bunch of them, they show up when scanning for VST effects, not errors/warnings when loading them. But they don’t show up in the effects list.
Yes, I tried disabling “Display VST plugins in graphical mode”.

What am I missing?
(I basically need “Blue Cat Chorus”.)


Then I would install Blue Cat Chorus. Dumping a pile of effects in with anything wrong with any one of them can cause Audacity not to start.



thanks for the suggestion but that what I actually did at first. With said result. Then I added the other BCs to verify the problem was isolated to Chorus. Which failed.

Can you describe clearly what the problem is?

First you said that they did not show up in the Effects list. Does that mean they did not show in the Effect Menu, or did not show in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue? Are you aware they will appear in the bottom section of the Effect Menu?

But now you are saying the problem (whatever it is) only applies to Chorus?

Are you showing Audacity the VST 32-bit versions of the plugins? It can’t see 64-bit plugins. And yes Blue Cat Chorus works in Audacity 2.0.6. The downloads on the Blue Cat site are broken right now but I got the Chorus from here BC Chorus Win 32 VST Setup.

Here is how to install VST plugins: Audacity Manual.