blowing in the mic

Everything works when recording. I just have one problem. Sometimes when reading a text I breath into the mic. This can be heard on the recording. See: How can I remove this extra sound from the recording?

The best thing is to try and avoid these pops in the first place. A pop filter is one of the best ways:

It is easy to make a pop filter for virtually no cost - here’s a posh one:
Alternatively, a pair of ladies tights stretched over an old wire coat hanger will work just as well.

For existing recordings, a high pass filter set to about 60Hz will help, or you can just cut them out (select and delete them, but watch out for creating “clicks” if you do this. To avoid clicks, the edit points should be as close to the zero line as possible. The “Repair” effect can be used for removing any remaining small clicks).

In the US, “Panty Hose” and an unbent coat hanger.

The light duty nylon is completely transparent to most of the vocal range. Literally, you can’t tell it’s there. However as the air motion increases, the fabric has to move more and more until during popped Ps the motion is extreme and the fabric just runs out of flexibility and stops moving. It does this trick gracefully so you can’t hear it doing this either.

The other less widely publicized advantage is the talent can’t get close enough to the microphone to create plosives in the first place.


Thank you for answering, guys.