Blocked IP address

I am glad to see you guys are giving Daniel, the respect he deserves. Now, how about UN-blocking my IP address.

I’ve checked the blocked IP list and the IP that you registered from is not present, so as far as I can tell, your usual IP address is not blocked.
If you are seeing an error message that says your IP address is blocked, please tell us:

  • the exact error message
  • the URL for the page that displays the message
  • the IP address that you are currently using
  • the date / time (and international time code) that the error occurred.

I can then ask the server administrator to check the server logs to see what is happening.

There is no error message. It simply times out. It does not matter what link I click that is associated with Audacity, every link times out, even your wiki pages. This started the day after you did your site maintenance on Feb 14th. I did a 1min 7 sec video, showing what happens. This is my ip address. [IP Address removed by moderator]

You can view the video here. Thanks.

are you able to access the manual ( or the main website ( and

No I am not, like I said, it does not matter what link I click on. Anything to do with Audacity, times out.

Your IP address is not blocked by the forum software. I have asked the network administrator to take a look and will get back to you when I hear from him.

Please try visiting any of the Audacity websites using your usual IP address. Are you now able to connect successfully? seems to have no AAAA records in DNS. So, ipV6 is not working. Maybe Dana’s ISP is bridging him over ipV6?

Yes I am. Seems like I owe your network administrator a cup of coffee. Thanks, Dana.

For information, the problem was due to a false positive from the IDS (intrusion detection system), which is part of the server’s security. Thanks for letting us know about the problem and thanks to admin for resolving the issue so promptly.

I have no idea what any of that means but to quote a man, much smarted then I, “I don’t need to know how to build a Nuclear Power Plant, I just need to know where to plug my TV in”. Thanks again guys! :smiley:

I am having this error please solve this.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 8324b03f39d12e8b