Blending Two Sounds Into One

I am currently working on a piece with a slow guitar track and a track with the sound of a stream. I have an effect in my head I’m trying to achieve, and I have something of a guess as to how it would be done, but I don’t know for sure if it’s possible as I’m imagining it or what the effect might be called. As the sound of the stream conveys a distinct effect of movement, I want to blend the guitar into the sound of the stream such that it sounds as though the guitar is being carried through the water. My guess as to how this would be achieved is to somehow apply the volume levels of the stream track onto the guitar track in a way similar to enveloping. Does anyone know if this is possible as I’m imagining it and if Audacity provides a way to do this efficiently?


Getting one sound to directly affect another is what Effect > Vocoder does. You can fade in and out of the effect by having a “clean” track and an Effect track and fading between them (rather than trying to get the effect track to do everything.

This is one way to get the “talking guitar” that Peter Frampton does.


Excellent, that sounds like precisely what I need. However, Vocoder does not appear under my Effect menu. Perhaps I have a different version of Audacity, or perhaps I need to acquire a plugin? I am running 2.0.0 on Linux Mint.

Thank you!

Also see “chimerae” …
Made using envelope-follower .

envelope-follower will sound more natural, (less electronic) than vocoder, e.g. …

Thank you, this is even more specifically what I was looking for! It didn’t end up having the effect I hoped it would have on my song, but I’m very glad to have the tool at my disposal for other occasions