Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 Problem

I have had no joy getting my Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 working with Audacity

Audacity V3.0.0
Blackstar Architect V1.0.2
Windows 10 (OS Build 19042.867)

I have the ID Core 10 plugged in via USB to my laptop. The amp is in reamp mode mode in the Blackstar Architect software. Audacity can clearly ‘see’ the amp as its selectable as a recording device

I’ve tried
Widows Direct Sound - this gives no error but also no recordable sound
MME - the same as above
WASPI - gives a -9997 sample rate error (but altering the sample rate has no effect)

The above was using the ID Core as the output also. If I change the output to also the the ID Core - then I get a -9999 host error for Widows Direct Sound, no error on MME and the same sample rate error for WASPI - but no recordable sound in each instance

So I’m stumped - any suggestions?

“MME” is the best choice.
“Direct Sound” is emulated in Windows Vista and later (under the hood it’s MME).
“WASAPI” can be very fussy about the audio drivers and sample rate matching.

That’s unlikely to work because the USB connection on amps are usually configured for output only.

Do you have a link to any documentation about that software?

Also see these forum posts:

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Post back when you get it working so others may benefit from your experience…