BJ Tremolo hz/BPM problem

I am working with a song that is 110bpm. I have set the BJTremolo setting (BJTremolo is a VST plugin that I installed to put a Tremolo effect in with a Frequency value that allows more digits and thus more accuracy) to 7.33333hz, which should be 4 cycles per beat, giving a 16th note effect. The problem is, when I cut the hz in half to 3.66667, it does not sound at all like two cycles per beat, or 8th notes. It sounds completely off beat and weird. Is there something I’m missing?

Firstly, is the song recorded at exactly 110bpm, i.e. with a click track or a metronome? If not, it may be close , but it is unlikely to match your tremolo effect exactly, and it will drift in and out of sync.

Secondly, have you selected the starting point for applying the tremolo so that the first peak of the tremolo comes exactly with the first beat of the song? If not, then the off-beat parts will be emphasised instead of the beats.


Have you tried the Nyquist Tremelo plug-in? Although you don’t get lots of decimal places when you use the slider to set the speed, you can enter multiple decimal places by typing the tempo in the text box. The Nyquist Tremelo effect is included as standard in Audacity 1.3.11